Day 14:

View from Cooper’s Rock State Park, WV

The next stop on my list was a pretty long drive from where I had stayed, so I decided to stop about halfway between in a city called Morgantown, WV. Morgantown is home to West Virginia University, so it was bound to be bustling with all sorts of activity. My first stop on my way into the city was Cooper’s Rock State Park. When I arrived there were tons of people there, but that was for good reason. Not far from the parking lot was an incredible overlook of the Cheat River Canyon and surrounding mountains. I decided to spend a bit of time there and go ahead and have a picnic break. The air was slightly chilly, but the sun was out enough to make up for that. Because of just how accessible everything was at Cooper’s Rock, it was definitely a fantastic stop on my way into town.

Cooper’s Rock State Park, WV

Because the previous day had been so busy, I decided to take things a bit slower once I got into Morgantown. I decided to head over to their Botanical Gardens which were located in the city’s old reservoir. I can imagine it would have been stunning during the spring time, but during November gardens aren’t usually at their peak; however, the weather was gorgeous, and there were tons of really nice trails to explore. I spent a couple of hours walking around the gardens and through the woods while talking on the phone with Joseph. It was definitely a really nice way to decompress a bit. Because of the fact that true downtime can be kind of hard to come by on the road, times like those are very welcome.

Cheat Lake – Morgantown, WV

Once I had covered the gardens pretty well I decided to visit Cheat Lake. When I arrived, it was getting a bit later in the evening, so the lighting was beautiful. I took a short walk around part of the lake until I came to a few floating piers in the water. They were right in the sun, and it just seemed so peaceful, so I made my way out onto one and laid at the end for a  while. The movement of the water, the sound of birds, and the warm sunlight were just what I needed, so I stayed there until the sun was almost down before making the walk back to my car. There was a little market with a sitting area near the Planet Fitness I planned to stay at that night, and they were kind enough to let me hang out for a while, so I posted up there for a couple of hours to use their Wi-Fi. You don’t realize how great Wi-Fi is until your parents call to tell you that you’re using too much data and you need more Wi-Fi…whoops

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