Day 23:

Dover, DE

Originally I didn’t have major plans of venturing all the way into Delaware, but since my plans had been cut severely short, I decided I would. First thing I decided I would visit is the current capitol of Delaware, Dover. When I first made my way into the city, I stopped on one of the streets to check out a couple of shops, but as soon as I got out of my car I was approached by a man attempting to get my attention. I felt incredibly threatened, so needless to say I didn’t stay in that area too long. However, it was one of those situations that could have happened in any city, so I didn’t feel like it represented the city too well, so I ventured on to the historic district to see some of the old buildings and museums. This area was much nicer, and I didn’t have any issues there.

It was Monday, and many of the museums were closed that day, but luckily the first state house was open. It was free to tour the state house, and luckily there was a really nice guide there to show me around. After leaving there I walked around the historic green where all of the buildings and museums were located. I missed out on one of the local walking tours by just a few minutes, but the First State Heritage Park’s John Bell House offers free walking tours of the historic green with history about Dover, so it’s probably worth checking out.

Rehoboth Beach, DE
Rehoboth Beach, DE

After exploring the historic district a bit more, I decided I would head to the beach. About an hour away was Rehoboth Beach, so I made the short trek there and immediately headed to Gordons Pond State Park. It was Veteran’s Day, so entrance to the parks were free. It was a bit chilly, but definitely nothing unbearable. However, it did feel a bit weird walking around on the beach fully clothed in boots and a jacket. I certainly wasn’t the only one though. People were out flying kites, having picnics, and just enjoying the weather. It was like a normal day on the beach except for very little visible skin.

Rehoboth boardwalk, DE

Once I had a good bit of time in the sand, I headed down to the boardwalk to get in a nice walk. It seemed almost like a ghost town. While there were still several people about, everything was closed because it was the off season. Row after row of store fronts were shut down with signs saying they were closed for the season, and the normally active boardwalk games and lights were turned off and abandon until the warm weather hit again. I think I almost prefer that, though. It was far less crowded, and most of the people there were locals. My favorite thing about the beach is the scenery, anyway, so I was fine with not being able to get in the water or being surrounded by screaming children.

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Before the sun set for the evening, I wanted to go on the hunt for a lighthouse. After a quick google search, I headed out to the Cape Henlopen State Park to find the Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse. The way it appeared on google maps I was afraid that it would be too far out to see it from shore, but that wasn’t the case at all. As soon as I walked over the dunes of the beach, I was greeted with by the lovely sight of a light house, sailboat, and stunning sunset in the backdrop. It was truly something out of a movie. I spent a good while walking along the shore taking in the view. Being from Alabama, that’s definitely not something I get to see every day, so it had a sense of majesty to it. There were only a couple of other people out on the shore at the time, and they were all photographers with big expensive cameras, and here I was with my iPhone. It did the trick though, because it would be really difficult to get a bad shot of that scene.

Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse, DE

After an exhausting day of history and gorgeous scenery, I decided I should reward myself with some good food. Ever since I decided that my trip would be shorter than planned, I’ve gone a bit wild with the eating out. Food is a huge part of traveling, though, so it’s fine. Plus, I had a lot less time that I was trying to spread my money out over, and I would have extra time to work and recoup what I spent when I got back. At least that’s how I’ve justified all of the food. I don’t regret it, though, because I had New England clam chowder and fish & chips for dinner. Unfortunately there was no gym around for me to work off the grease, so I headed to the Walmart down the road to get ready for the evening.

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