Day 25:

Public doc – Annapolis, MD

The weather was much nicer when I woke up on day 25, so I decided to head back to Main Street to have breakfast and walk the docks one more time before moving on. I had heard a lot of about Chick & Ruth’s Delly and their amazing crab omelets, so of course I had to try it. The restaurant was located right on the main strip, and it didn’t look like anything special, but from what I’ve seen those tend to be the best places. I ordered the crab and cheese omelet, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It was like the best crab cake filling you’ve ever had inside of an omelet served with fried potatoes and house baked toast. I could have eaten that for breakfast every day.

Annapolis, MD
Chick & Ruth’s Delly – Annapolis, MD

After I had the most amazing breakfast, it was time to head towards D.C. It wasn’t too far from Annapolis, and I had tons I wanted to see there. Before heading into the city, though, I had to do laundry at an ever so glamorous laundromat. When it came to putting away my laundry, though, I didn’t want to do it in a very public place, so I went to a nice empty park to fold my clothes. When you start to romanticize life on the road, I want you to picture me sitting in the parking lot of a park in the suburbs of Maryland folding my clothes. It has its incredible moments, but there are plenty of the less picturesque moments, too.

Once the chores were done, I got back on the road to the capitol. It was about what I expected when I got there: tall buildings, traffic, people, and awful parking. The parking was a bit worse than I expected it to be, and was far more expensive than I wanted to spend. We’re talking $7hr for meter parking in some areas. It started to get really stressful after a while of not being able to find anywhere to pull over. After talking to a friend that lives in the city, it was decided I would just drive past the White House and then come back on a separate trip without a car. This is one of those places, like NYC, that you visit when you don’t have a car to deal with and can just take public transit. I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was.

Freshly made bed

When I got right by the White House, though, the reason for the unusually bad traffic was revealed. My incredible timing had landed me in D.C. on the day that the impeachment trials for Trump began. It’s a little hard to keep up with current events out here, so I didn’t know that was happening that day until I saw the marching crowd of protesters. They were carrying signs, chanting “shame on Trump,” and marching down the street in front of the White House. At one point they even blocked the road and prevented traffic from moving (not that it was moving very much to begin with). At that point I was pretty done and just wanted out of the city. Maybe I could come back when there wasn’t a major protest happening…

Yeah, it wasn’t easy getting out of the city. It was pretty much gridlocked. It took me an hour to just go a couple of miles, and then that landed me on the interstate during rush hour. I just wanted to get out of major population, so I had plans to drive a little ways to find some quiet, but that was proving to be quite a challenge. Luckily Joseph was kind enough to keep me company on the phone throughout the process. The poor thing had to listen to me yell, cuss, and have a couple of small breakdowns. Finally I made it onto free interstate after a couple of hours of driving and was home free towards my next destination.

As you can imagine, being in traffic for so long I wasn’t able to get out of my car at all. I really had to go to the bathroom, like bad. I finally saw what I believed to be my saving grace: a Shell station. I turned onto the street that I thought would take me right to it, but it actually ended up being an exit onto another interstate heading in the complete opposite direction from where I needed to go. I was delirious, stressed, and tired at this point, so I snapped. Like, not in an angry way, but in a hysterical laughter that lasted for several minutes and resulted in laughter induced tears. After the laughter subsided, I just heard the concerned voice of Joseph on the other line asking about my well-being. To be quite honest, I don’t think it was too great in that moment. Finally, though, I managed to make it back to that Shell station, and I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved.

Not too much further away was my home for the night: a Planet Fitness. When I arrived, I wasn’t thrilled with the area. I didn’t feel safe at all there, so I knew I couldn’t stay. The next closest one was about an hour away, so after several hours of driving, I still had further to go. It was alright, though, because when I arrived I was able to really work out my frustrations in the gym. So, I guess the moral of this whole story is to check the news before you go to the capitol of our nation.

One thought on “Day 25:

  1. Oh no, that was a very stressful day … yikes!!! I’ve been to D.C. although I stayed at an AirBnb in Arlington but it was around the 4th of July so it was nuts. I ended up taking an Uber to the general area and walked. You are so right about not knowing what is going on in the world when out on the road. That sure is not the glamourous IG laundry shot, LOL.


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